Landrum Landscaping

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Computer-aided designs allow us to quickly and accurately lay out a plan specifically for your site. Modern software allows us to show photos of what the proposed plan will look like super-imposed over your current location. We install concrete/cement walks, patios and steps. Materials such as slate or blue-stone can be installed in the cement. Stone, slate and flagstone can also be used without cement to create beautiful walks and patios. Older-style homes with stone foundations and walls benefit from the use of these materials. Cinderblock walls can be built and covered with a facade to look like an old-fashioned stone wall. Newer homes with facades generally use this material to match existing materials. Older homes use these facades as well, to make new walls match older foundations, especially when the original stone type of the house construction is no longer being quarried. We install pre-cast conrete pavers and walls (such as E P Henry, Anchor, Versa-Lock, Belgard and others). These paving systems are great for newer homes because they match the colors found in brick, vinyl, wood etc. Older brick homes frequently use brick pavers for continuity as well.

View hardscape installation sequence below.